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Really Simple Tips To Help You Deal With Bad Credit

The most important thing you should understand about bad credit is the fact that there are always options that are available in the event that you are faced with an inability to be offered loans by the banks. Do not believe that you do not have any way to be helped. The truth is that there are some institutions that are specialized in helping people that have bad credit and there are various ways in which you can improve your credit score.

Deal With Bad Credit

Bad debts are usually accumulated as the borrowers will default monthly payments. Creditors usually send reminders and are opened to negotiations if people are faced with problems. Unfortunately, most people that have problems will just avoid talking with the financial institutions. The most important thing that you have to do when you have problems repaying debt is to open a communication channel with the bank or the other institution that offered the loan. In many cases you will be faced with some options you had no idea existed.

Managing Your Credit

You need to start taking control. This starts with credit history management. As you have credit problems, you need to look at options that are available for you so that you can improve credit score. This is only possible if you do know where you stand. Ask for a credit report so that you know what situation you are faced with. At the same time, there may be some entries that are not accurate so you want to see them and fix them.

Understanding Loans For Bad Credit

As you can notice when you click here, bad credit loans are available. They do have higher interest rates but you will be tempted to opt for it in the event that a financial problem appears. However, this can easily lead towards more credit problems. The only situation when that is not the case is when you go for the bad credit loan in order to fix your current credit rating. If that is what you want to do, make sure that you choose carefully.

Understanding Creditors

This is the most important thing to understand when dealing with bad credit. Do not think that the creditor is out to get you. The institution is interested in getting money back. When you talk with the creditor, there is always some sort of solution that can appear and that you can take advantage of. Remember that and open communication channels when problems appear.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Numerous Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from Payroll Solutions

If you are a small player still trying to find your way around, you need to keep in mind that payroll is one aspect of the business you need to be on top of. Luckily, payroll management solutions are now available to help you do more at half the time manual payroll computations require. 

Apart from accurate paychecks and systematic tax contributions, below are some of the advantages payroll solutions provide that you can’t miss out on.

1. Practical

As you become more and more familiar with the software, you will also discover tips and tricks to make it work to your full advantage. While you need to invest a significant amount of time (and patience) getting to know the system, you will eventually reap the fruit of your efforts in the form of efficient and accurate transactions and huge savings to boot.

2. Updates

Invest in trusted and efficient payroll software and you won’t need to worry about missing out on the latest tax updates. Once you have this important aspect covered, you can easily shift your attention to other areas of your business that need immediate and thorough attention.

3. Reminders

A software’s reminder feature will not only help you keep up with key tasks, it will also help guarantee you are able to do it on the targeted time frame. With that in mind, you can say goodbye to late tax, pay slips and payroll report submissions.

4. Support

In most cases, dependable payroll software comes with extensive support service. This is done to guarantee help is readily available whenever users struggle with issues and concerns they cannot fix on their own.

5. Accuracy

Manual payroll computation is not only exhausting and time-consuming; it is also prone to calculation blunders. Equipped with comprehensive validation procedures, established payroll management solutions can dramatically reduce, if not totally eradicate common payroll errors / mistakes.

6. Calendar

An employee calendar can do more than just allow you to view and monitor employee sick leaves, absences and overtimes. In addition, it also gives you access to employee attendance, alongside the type of leaves each is entitled to. This will enable you to easily resolve pay disputes and disagreements related to attendance.

7. Security

Unlike before, companies nowadays already have the option not to give out confidential and valuable employee information like salaries and compensations to third parties. In other words, with a reliable payroll software, you can rest assured no information as classified is shared.

8. Ease

Understandably, payroll demands for small businesses are relatively modest, but still, most payroll solutions have been designed with user convenience and ease in mind. With simple interfaces, unnecessary headaches and inconvenience are easily avoided. 

If you are still a small player in the competitive realm of the business world, you need all the help you can get. Fortunately, a lot of innovations, payroll solutions included are now available to help you effortlessly steer your small venture in the right direction.

Top 5 Reasons Why Enterprises Must Keep Abreast with Technology

Running a business is as exciting and fulfilling as it is stressful and challenging. It can be difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to succeed amid stiff competition and a plethora of major obstacles just waiting around the corner. 

There are, of course, a few exceptions – businesses that take advantage of the latest technology to gain a competitive edge.

Technology broadly encompasses scientific breakthroughs that lead to better solutions.

Businesses that stay updated with the latest technological advancements not only have a lower cost structure than those that employ obsolete technology, but also benefit from an improved speed, fewer instances of human error and the ability to store and share information easily – just to name a few.
Below are just few of the reasons why keeping abreast with technology is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes.

Using the latest technology increases productivity

This is the most obvious advantage of using the latest technology.

It allows small businesses to automate major functions, thus leveling the playing field and allowing them to compete with larger companies.

Fortunately, nowadays, there is no shortage in software that can help streamline processes and keep businesses fast and efficient.

It improves communication

Communication is crucial to the success of businesses.

Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as established and thriving companies always need to stay in touch with clients, investors, partners and employees.

Technology allows them to do this and more by enabling them to connect through a wide range of mediums, which include email, mobile technology, video conferencing and so much more. They can send and receive all sorts of information without drastic geographical limitations.

With improved communication comes teamwork. Technology provides employees with an avenue for collaboration, empowering them with many ways to work together and ensure the success of their projects.

It creates a more engaging customer experience

There are plenty of equipment and applications that enable businesses to reach out to their target demographic. Loan businesses, for example, can use a loan servicing software not only to speed up administrative tasks, but to retrieve, analyze and report customer data as well. 

This type of program allows businesses to tailor their products and services to better suit the needs and preferences of their customers. The data they gather can also serve as a guide for their marketing strategies, customer service protocols and other areas that are essential to providing consumers with a positive experience. 

While it might seem costly and time-consuming to keep up with the latest technology, its initial drawbacks are certainly overshadowed by the benefits. With that in mind, it’s safe to say it is certainly worth the time, effort and investment.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ways to Turn Your Smart Phones into Credit Card Readers

The latest advent of smart phones has inclusive feature of being a credit card reader at the same time. So aside from having a super cool mobile or gadget, you also have a unit which is highly functional. The capacity of the phone to accept credit card transactions anytime anywhere is one such a great leap towards modern banking and shopping. Now regardless of the show you own, or the type of business you are engaged in, you can now have the option for credit card payment. Anything were credit card payment is possible; it can now all be done via your smart phone. For instance, Credit Card Cincinnati can now be used elsewhere from the biggest shops around down to the smaller boutique you happen to step your feet on. 

Ways to Turn Your Smart Phones into Credit Card Readers

There surely as around a hundred online apps that can do payment processing, why would you search for it when you can have it all done using your own gadget and without having to go through strenuous downloading processes. Here are some of smart ways to turn your smart phones into credit card readers:
  • Square
This may be the smallest card reader in today’s market. It can easily just plug to the audio jack and you’re ready to do series of swiping right after. This works well with both iPhone and Android phones much to the relief of users of both operating systems.
  • Paypal
This is most probably the fastest in terms of processing online credit card payment. It has ready conversion system so you can pay through it wherever you are in the world. This specific card reader even accepts cheques, and not just credit card.
  • Payleven
This may be similar to the above yet what it is most distinguished with is its capacity to protect the user. It has a security feature which made it a little edgy compared to the other credit card readers.
  • PayAnywhere
This credit card reader was recently free though others must already have purchased this at a price. It can work on all types of smart devices with the varied operating systems such as Android, Apple, or Blackberry.
  • Swiff
This credit card reader is famous for the multi-factor authentication which adds up extra security among users although others find the process a little tricky. Online merchants who are organized enough get to use this service. 

The above option only takes one time free registration and from then on your smart phone is then your new card reader. These applications only accept credit cards as it requires expiry date and code to get you started. Safety has been maximized as you can also see your online transactions when you want to.

Helpful Tip

Now, prior to you going around boasting off your smart credit card reader, there is one thing that you should never forget. Consider the amount that requires online payment processing as it is likely you would need to prefer the traditional credit card payment transaction. You cannot simply process payments without considering what it will likely result to or how it will make you. The smart advancement of gadgets comes with risks, just as it comes with loads of ease and convenience. All these payment processing and credit card transactions had been made easy and accessible to the online public as the most recent wave of technology enables the once impossible features. This time, all your shopping, bill paying, and funds transfer no longer require actual visits to the concrete banks for settlement and processing.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why Bad Credit History Is Not A Problem For Title Loans?

Getting into a fix while applying for a loan, especially when you have a bad credit history, can turn out to be pretty unimpressive. If you decide to contact a bank, surely you will be turned down when they look into your financial history.There might be some lenders who will be willing to lend you a loan. However, you need to provide them with a proof that you have sufficient balance for paying off your loans. If you are unable to do that then in all probability, that road too is blocked. 

During emergencies, such situations turn out to be tenseful, specially if you are in dire need of cash to start a new business or maybe you need loan to fill up a college application. These things have a fixed deadline and can’t wait for you till the time you can gather up a loan. Let’s consider some other options which can help you get over the bad credit boundary:

Other Suitable Options To Get A Loan For Bad Credit History

Getting Hold of a Co-signer

A co-signer is one who agrees to sign a contract, promising to repay a loan incase you are not able to pay back the lender on time. This provides the lender, a sense of assurance that if you are unabe to pay, then he will be receiving payment from your partner. 

This can sound like a good idea, specially that your credit rate could be lesser(by 10% to 15%), when you have a partner who turns out to be credit worthy. Nevertheless, the dark side is, you and your cosigner could be in trouble, if you are unable to get back with your payment. He/she has to repay even if he/she had not used your loan and if there is any late payment, then that means sabotaging both of your and your friend’s credit score and profile.

Borrowing From Your Peers

You can try borrowing from your peers. This can be a suitable and safer option but wait, surely your peers won’t excuse you, if you are unable to pay them the money back just like you have promised them to. That is a matter of your own reputation right?

Go To The Lending Sites

There are some sites that can find some stranger, willing to lend you a loan. However, if your credit is extremely bad, then these may not be a good option.

Making Use of Collaterals

Making use of collaterals mean you can put your property on lien and get a loan. If you are unable to pay back the loan on time, then the lender will secure your property to make up for the money lent to you. While putting up your house may seem like a dangerous thing, if you own a car, you can easily opt for title loans. Title loans can solve your problem as a bad credit title loan . But first, how much do you know about a bad credit loan?

Know What Is A Bad Credit Loan

These are a specialized kind of loan, which is offered to help out people with a poor credit history. All loans are emergency ones but title loan can be a true buster for beating out your obstacle. Such loans are great when you need to make some bigger purchase or for paying off some other debt. If you decide to use this loan for paying off some other kind of debt, then it can help you build an impression that you are responsible enough to handle your loans. 

Though bad credit loan is great, a lot of people are worried about its interest rates. Well, what more do you expect other than getting a loan when your other options are close?

Why Title Loans Is A Suitable Option?

I am going to focus on title loans here, so firstly, loan title loan lending companies offer you a loan within a short period of time(you can get an instant loan within 24 hours). On the other hand, a traditionally bank loan will take days to pay you the loan. For providing such a quick service, an auto title loan company offers you an instant service and therefore it is logical when they charge you an interest rate of 25% to 75%. 

Other Benefits? - Though you have to put you car on a lien, you get to drive your car and also how long would you like the loan for. If you are unable to pay back on time, you get to roll over your loan.

What Points To Keep In Mind While Applying For Title Loans?

While you can find ways to pay off your loans for car title with quicker strategies, you should be aware of some basic points when you walk into a car title loan company: 

Check whether your lender is a legalized company. Do some research if necessary. The company must be into this business for some years atleast. 

Check all your queries. There are some lenders who tend to take advantage on borrowers having a bad credit history. The rate, which title companies charge, will be based on an annual basis, i.e. APR. Beware of lenders charging a monthly rate. Ask them about what APR are they going to impose on your amount. 

Ask about the time period and whether you can pay back before the time period. Normally, the loan will range over a period of 30 to 36 months. Inquire whether you can pay back before the tenure ends. Not every company agrees to this. You may be penalized for doing so. 

Title loans can be the best solution when all the other favors turn out to be unfavorable. You don’t need any cosigner for this, nor you need to show your documents for this. Just your car. So, wipe off all the stress and apply for a bad credit title loan. Title loans always have their doors open for you when other doors remain closed.

Author Bio: Cayla Silverstone is a freelance and community blogger. She loves helping out business and society with her blogs. Her blogs contain some useful answers that help in sorting out people suffering under heavy debts. Her most popular blogs are the ones dealing with bad credit title loans as she provides tips and strategies about how to survive a bad credit history. She is a mother of two and is also a bad credit survivor. Author G+:

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Weekend Warriors: Tips For A Spending-Free Weekend

Want to make the most out of your two-day off yet on a budget? Need to save for something but want to have fun? Yes, yes, we know, weekends are financial weaknesses. Free time means you get to eat out more, spend money on something you don’t even need, or do something just because you are bored. However, when you have financial goals like getting a car, getting a house, getting out of debt, and anything else you want to get, your weekend binge spending is probably hindering those goals. “But I deserve to have fun!” you say. No worries! Who says you need to spend tons and tons of money just to have that one epic weekend? Spending-free weekend, here you come! Here’s how:

1. House Party – Yes, you do not have to leave the house just to have fun. Why not invite your friends over, ask them to bring food and booze, make that perfect party playlist, decorate a little bit, then ta-da, get the party started! C’mon, the venue is all yours, so don’t be shy about asking your friends to bring snacks and drinks as a contribution. You can also bring those board games out of the closet, or download through your smartphone, to keep the party alive! With games, music, food, and friends, for sure, you’ll never get bored (and yes, broke!).

2. Movie/Game Night – With the advent of free streaming and easy-to-download-flicks, why suffer falling in line and spending bucks for those movie or game tickets? Go ahead, grab your microwave popcorn, open that can of soda, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Yes, be a couch potato—watch that basketball game, obsess over that series, catch up with the latest movie. Just connect your TV or laptop on your speakers and voila—instant home entertainment! Don’t forget to dim the lights!

3. Shopping List – Don’t go to the grocery or at the mall without making a list. Admit it, you always end up buying stuff for the house that you don’t even need, or clothes that you didn’t budget for. Make a list of the necessities—things that you really need to buy. Focus on your agenda, focus on your list! In that way, you won’t get side-tracked especially if you see those cute shoes that are on sale, those lovely scented candles that you just put on display, or that video game that you can borrow from a friend. Stick to the list!

4. Bring on the Budget – Take your credit cards out of your wallet if you go out during the weekend. Yes, it’s too tempting to spend money that you don’t have. Bring only the exact amount when going out. Know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and then make a budget. You might get carried away to order more drinks if you’re confident that you have cash on hand, so the best solution is to bring only the money that you are willing to spend for that night out. Yes, prevention is better than cure.

5. Park QTs - Parks are often overlooked as great places for recreation. Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings—go out and bring the dog, have a cook-out, have a game of football, practice your drawing skills, read that book, or just hang out underneath that tree. Parks are great places to spend quality time with your loved ones, and even with yourself. So what are you waiting for, go to the nearest park on your area, and you’ll never know, you might meet someone interesting, too!

6. “Work” At Home – No, not office work of course. Unleash your creativity and use the weekend to work on home projects!Your weekend is the perfect time to work on an item that needs repair or a DIY project you've been wanting to tackle. But it's also a great time to clean, sort, or straighten things up around your place! Now, that’s productivity and saving at the same time!

7. Hello, Hobbies – Love cooking? Give yourself a challenge to create a meal out of only what you can find in your fridge and pantry. Love photography? Go around your area, find a subject, and shoot! Love singing? Invite your friends over for a videoke-theme night! Yes, the possibilities are endless!

8. FREEEEE - Check the newspaper or other websites for free events around your area. You’ll be surprised at how many fun, free events are going on around you. Free concerts, free movie screenings, free parades, free shows, and free everything! You just have to open your nose for news and grab every opportunity there!

Not spending anything for an entire weekend might be too weird, or even too impossible, but if you can, give it a go! Of course, promise yourself a reward at the end of this spending-free experiment, or, write down a financial goal before you start you can refer back to it when you get the itch to spend money. Say goodbye to unhealthy buying habits, and hello to financial changes for the better! Good luck!

About the author: Gilbert Bermudez is a blogger for CashCashPinoy, the Philippines’ premier shopping deal website for fashion, kids, and other items discounted price. He is a hobbyist, a reader and an avid fan of underground music. You can catch his activity on his Google+

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Why should you pursue an MBA in Finance?

Since competition in the business world is fierce, a degree like MBA can help you stand out. If opting for the finance sector, an MBA in finance is definitely a good option. The following post analyzes as to why you should pursue an MBA in finance. Read on to know more. 

While MBA continues to be one of the most sought after courses at the post-graduate level, with the passage of time, several new specializations have come up. However, age-old specializations like finance and marketing continue to remain the favourites with thousands of MBA aspirants still opting for these streams. 

So why one does still opts for an MBA in Finance? What are the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Finance? Here’s a quick look. 

Finance is one of the most popular MBA specializations. An MBA in finance offers a lot of benefits to professionals irrespective of the industry that they are serving in. Those end up pursuing an MBA in Finance, acquire financial and business skills that are required for a number of domains to work for. Students who have completed MBA in finance often end up completing their internships in top corporate organizations even while pursuing their course. Needless to say such candidates usually command better positions and a good compensation package upon completion of their MBA. Some MBA in Finance programs are offered on a part-time basis thus allowing flexibility to the students. 

An MBA in finance program typically offers foundational courses in subjects that comprise economics, statistics, planning, strategy and marketing. Business methods and accounting are also part of the overall curriculum. In other finance programs, courses in investment banking are also offered. Depending upon the institute, students may be allowed to focus on any particular segment that they like – such as investment banking, financial education and many others. A general MBA in Finance comprises the following in its curriculum: 
  • Stock market analysis
  • Global Economy
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Banking 
These are just to name a few among the vast curriculum.

Benefits of Pursuing an MBA in Finance

Explained below are the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Finance

A Secured Job

For all those who end up earning an MBA in Finance, attaining a good job is the best thing that can happen. Needless to say those MBAs in finance develop skills that are best suited for performing in the domain of management programs. Whether it is preparing the financial reports or checking balance sheets, such candidates have ample job opportunities. With time and experience they can end up becoming financial directors of any organizations.

Advancement in Career

It goes without saying that MBA in Finance have a whole lot of demand in the job market. It not only looks good on your resume, but also shows that the student has sound knowledge in the domain of finance. Even top-notch companies also prefer candidates who have an MBA in finance. Having an MBA in Finance also increases the market value of the candidate and also the versatility of the kind of career you want to opt for.

Help Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Several dream of owning and running their own business but very few are able to actualize that and also have the actual skills that are required to succeed or even start a business. However, if someone has completed an MBA in finance, it can help him or her in this respect. A degree like MBA in finance can be the ideal difference between noting fast growth and bankruptcy. However, one who has completed an MBA in finance will have the knowledge to move ahead with such ventures.


Candidates with an MBA in finance are often required by organizations that deal in financial consultations; this implies that such candidates can be hired by consultancy firms, start-up organizations, government organizations and even top notch educational institutions.


Though considered one of the most underrated benefits, networking is definitely one of better benefits of earning an MBA in finance; and if you end up pursuing this course from an reputed institute, then you do get an opportunity to network with some like-minded professionals. It is a fact that achieving success depends a lot on networking and connections. You get to become a part of alumni group and so on. While networking is not everything, yet it is definitely one of the factors that give an edge to candidates who have completed an MBA in finance.

Good Compensation

Last but not the least; a good compensation is the icing on the cake. Average salary for an MBA in finance is much above the rest and if one has completed the course from a reputed institute, then there’s no looking back.

Author Bio: A professional writer and an ardent blogger, Sampurna Majumder has been lending her know how to prominent websites like by penning articles and blog posts on popular courses, educational trends and institutes like these. The above post throws light on the benefits of completing MBA in Finance.

Demystifying a Common Business Myth: Is Corporate Restructuring Linked To Economic Cycle?

When it comes to fierce competitions, only few can rival the kind you can see in the business world. Indeed, it is a realm that is not suitable for the faint of heart. Apart from the baffling jargons you have to decipher, you are also encouraged to think outside the box if you want to be at least a few steps ahead of the competition. 

As if not enough, hiring competent and reliable people to work with you and for you is deemed a must, be it your corporate lawyers, staff or business accountants, to name a few. 

Furthermore, you also need to get your problem-solving and myth busting skills in full gear as you will likely encounter a lot of questions as you go along. While there are an infinite number of unanswered questions in this highly competent arena, we will tackle one inquiry that has baffled many –is corporate restructuring linked to economic cycle?

Corporate Restructuring

Aptly defined as any fundamental change or modification made to the structure, operations or debt of any company, corporate restructuring is a likely recourse when a firm is in jeopardy. In other words, restructuring ranks high in the list of remedies when confronted with significant issues that can threaten the firm’s existence and survival. For instance, if acompany experiences heavy losses, restructuring it s operations is considered a prudent move. This can be manifested in payroll cuts or the selling of some assets until the company is deemed stable at the very least.

Economic Cycle

Economic cycle is depicted as the economy’s natural fluctuation between periods of growth (also more commonly referred to as expansion) and contraction (also otherwise referred to as recession). The economic cycle’s current state is defined by numerous factors. The most common of which are interest rates, employment levels, GBP (Gross Domestic Product) and consumer spending to name a few.

The Verdict

Taking the above information into account, we go back to the main question – Is corporate restructuring linked to economic cycle?

While the answer to this may be up for debate, many business experts do not think so. Case in point: There was no significant number of corporate restructuring activities observed even during the notably volatile and highly brittle 2013 economy. In line with this, it is safe to believe that other factors can trigger the implementation of corporate restructuring and not the mere changes in the economic cycle alone.

Undoubtedly, success in the business world can be attributed to a lot of factors. However, keep in mind that getting a drift of how business strategies work can help you triumphantly steer your firm in the right direction.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Advantages of Health Insurance for Family

Healthcare and hospitalization costs have gone up more than 60% over the past decade. Unexpected sickness or an accident can make a big dent in one's pocket. Hence it is now considered prudent to go for a family health insurance policy, which is used to protect the insured and his family against loss due to illness or injury. There are different types of policies available in the U.K, and people can chose the policy best suited for their needs. Premium rates depend on the limits of coverage provided, the treatment options offered and what the policy covers. In some cases, a co-payment clause is included in the policy, where the insurer pays about 80% of the treatment cost and the rest is borne by the policy holder. Health insurance can be bought by an individual, but is mostly provided by employers as a benefit to their employees. The insurance company provides a health insurance card, which can be used to avail cashless hospitalities subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Benefits of health insurance: Family health insurance usually covers doctors' visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medical tests and related expenses, to mention a few. The costs of medicine, ambulance charges and incidental expenses are also covered. By and large, most of the hospital charges are met by the insurance company, but in some cases, a policy may cover hospitalization and related expenses only. Visits to a doctor may not be covered under some types of health insurance policies. Most family health insurance policies cover maternity expenses, ophthalmology and dentistry as well, but with restrictive clauses depending on the type of policy. 

How it supports the family: A family health insurance policy, once purchased, is usually valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The family can be assured of class medical treatment at reputed hospitals. Usually, illness arrives without warning, as do accidents. The policy holder and his family can rest assured that they will not have to bear the high costs of treatment, once they are covered. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind. 

Health insurance costs: The National Health Service normally provides coverage to everyone resident in the UK. This free healthcare facility cannot be termed as insurance, but it does provide medical care and treatment including primary, long term and in patient health care. Private health insurance is used as an adjunct to the NHS facilities and about 8 to 10 percent of the population is covered by some kind of private healthcare insurance. The major operators in this segment are Aviva, ACE Limited, Bupa, AXA and Preheat, though there are other service providers as well. The premium depends on the type of coverage, diseases covered and related conditions. The average premium for a family of 2 adults and two children can vary from 700 to 1600 GBP per annum, depending on the type of policy. Generally the premium increases with the age of the insured. 

Conclusion: If a family has a health insurance policy, their hospitalization and related costs are covered. It protects against unexpected costs arising out of illness or accidents and provides relative peace of mind. The costs notwithstanding, it is a good idea to invest in a family health plan and to keep the health insurance card handy, you never know when you or a family member might just need it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

About Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a kind of loan which is available for the persons who are at the age of 62 years or are older. In this, you can convert the equity part of your home into cash. It helps retirees. Because in their oldage their retirement amount is limited and it is very difficult for them to survive. Due to that they had to live in old ages which are very difficult for them. But now those days had gone. And reverse mortgage is a boon for the persons who have crossed their age of sixty. The persons can live in their residential places without selling them. 

Types of reverse mortgages:

The first one is HECM. HECM stands for home equity conversion method. It is created and regulated by a department. It is handled by the U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development. 

It is a government loan which is issued by a private bank. And it is insured by the Housing Administration named Federal. It is a part of HUD. There are many rules and regulations in this mortgage.

Proprietary reverse mortgage

These mortgages are different from HECMs. There are changes in this mortgage within time. These mortgages are privately insured by the banks and the mortgage companies that offer them. These mortgages are also called jumbo mortgages.

Features of reverse mortgage

  1. You are always owner of your home. You never lose ownership of your property. The lender can’t grab your property until you vacate it permanently or till your last survival. You are the owner of your property and your house till your last breathes.
  2. The amount of funds of reverse mortgage in California depends on his age, the amount of the property he or she possesses. The other factors are interest rates and upfront costs. The area of the property also a major factor to get reverse mortgages.
  3. Citizenship is also a factor which is counted. The person must be a senior citizen of the country.
  4. The best feature of this mortgage is that there is no need to pay any kind of installments to the lender back. In this mortgage, lender gives you amount at the end of each and every month. Because of this feature of these mortgages, these are called reverse mortgages. These are totally opposite to the traditional mortgages.
  5. You are secure even after your retirements.
  6. It is like you are getting salary at the end of every month. You get monthly income without working or without going anywhere.
  7. Your life is easy till your last breathe.
  8. Reverse mortgages helps you to lead a peaceful and simple life which includes no tensions and worries.
  9. There is no tension to pay installments. No bank comes at your house to remind you that you have to pay your installments.
  10. You are a reputed person who can live his life with a standard.
In this way reverse mortgages help you to lead a peaceful and luxurious life.

The new car tax system: Are you complying with the rules?

In case you hadn’t heard, October heralded the biggest change in the way we tax our vehicles for almost 100 years. As of now, the paper tax disc, which we have all become so used to, has been replaced forever as the DVLA opt for a more cost efficient, environmentally friendly and modern database.

car tax system

But as you rip-up your old disc for good (actually don’t do that, some are going for a fortune on ebay!) make sure you are complying with the new changes to the UK car tax system.

Here are a few things to remember...

1. Make sure you’re still paying your tax

Just because we no longer have to display the tax disc, cars, lorries and motorcycles still need to be taxed. It’s just that the information is kept by the DVLA, who can check to see who has paid, and more importantly, who hasn’t.

2. Choose how regularly you want to pay

The DVLA’s new digital database means motorists can now choose to pay by direct debit as well as deciding when they make their payments. Pay annually, every six months or monthly if you wish; all you have to do is visit the DVLA website or go to your local post office.

3. Don’t think the authorities can’t tell if you’ve paid your tax

Just because you no longer have to display a tax disc, it doesn’t mean the DVLA can’t tell if you’ve paid or not. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will be used to catch those who haven’t paid up and the police will also be able to cross reference registration numbers on the Police National Computer system and fine drivers up to £1000 if they haven’t made a payment and are subsequently committing a serious motoring offence.

4. Wait until your tax is not due just yet

If your tax is not due for renewal yet, don’t worry. You don’t need to do anything. You can even take your old tax disc off the windscreen. When it comes time to buy your road tax, you can renew it using the new system.

5. It’s different if you’re buying or selling a car

As of October 1st, if you buy a car, you’ll need to tax it yourself. This is because the system of transferring road tax with a vehicle once it has sold has now ended. If you sell your car, which still has tax remaining on it you must tell the DVLA, they will then give you a refund for any FULL MONTHS of tax you have remaining.

6. Foreign countries are aware of the changes

Though most European countries still require drivers to display some kind of disc or proof of road tax payment, UK cars will not need to show anything when driving abroad. However, the government assured drivers that all European authorities have been told about the new system.

7. Check the status of your tax online

You can look up the tax status of any vehicle by using DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry System. Don’t worry, you will also still be sent a renewal reminder when your vehicle tax is due to expire. But in the meantime you can look-up the tax status of any vehicle by using DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry System.

8. Still inform the DVLA if your car is off the road

If your vehicle is registered as off the road (SORN) you’ll already need to inform the DVLA in the same way that you always did. But it’s worth remembering you’ll automatically receive a refund under the new scheme, but only for any FULL months’ worth of tax that is unused.

Author Bio: Written by journalist, blogger, writer and now keen collector of old car tax discs Matthew Crist on behalf of Caddick Davies Solicitors, motoring defence specialists .

Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Make Money While Traveling?

Traveling is hard if you don't plan it well or if you don't have enough money. Luckily for us, we live in the age of technology and modern facilities and if you want to travel, you can easily find opportunities that can help you earn some extra cash while you're away on a vacation. Here are some ways to make money while traveling: 

1. Trading your belongings for money

While on a trip, you can buy and sell the stuff you have online on websites like Amazon and E-bay. This is very profitable if you have novelty items that are not available in the country you are traveling to.

2. Use your skills to perform street art

If you have the skills in performing art, you can always earn money by doing what you're good at. Many countries encourage you to perform your art and it can be a hit with the residents.

3. Arts and crafts

Just like selling the items you owned as explained previously, you can utilize your trip as a chance to show and sell things that you have made by hand. Various arts and craft items can be sold for good prices while traveling abroad.

4. Teach language to the people

For native English speakers this might be the most profitable way to earn some good money while traveling. The language skills of native English speakers are always required in several countries in the world. You can either do it casually or join an academy as a language instructor. It's also beneficial for people who are not native speakers, but have a good command of the English language. You can teach them your own language as well if you happen to travel to a place which has the demand for that.

5. Become a private tutor

Just like your language skills, you can use your ability in a professional area to train people. There is constantly a requirement for work skills in several regions. You can be a software developer and train people in using various software and the techniques. Training and tutoring can be hard, but they pay generously.

6. Develop apps

In this age of smart phones, app development has turned into a profitable business. App developers can be mastered with a little training in coding and software. You can use your free time traveling to develop apps and sell them online. Not only is it profitable, but if you have some talent in this area, you can turn this into a full-time job.

7. Write about your travels

Travel blogging is a popular part of the social media experience. Travel blogs generate a lot of traffic to their pages and are a ripe source for money through advertisement. Just make sure you write in a friendly tone and use lots of pictures.

8. Doing odd jobs

People with good English skills are always needed in restaurants and hotels. While traveling, you can do part-time jobs at these places for some extra money. Besides that, there are other opportunities, like babysitting or housekeeping that are readily available.

9. Working on a cruise ship

Everybody dreams of getting paid to travel. What better way is there than to work on a cruise ship? The working hours are erratic and it can be a nerve wrecking job, but you will get the opportunity to travel all over the world for free and get paid for it too.

10. Seasonal jobs

There are many months throughout the year where countries require some extra pair hands to do the work. It can range from working in fields in engineering jobs. Be on the watch out for opportunities that come with peak working season.


Traveling shouldn't be a burden for your pocket. With these tips, you can cut the impact your vacation can make on your finances and make the best from your time away from work. 

Author bio: Alina from UK, travel enthusiast who loves to share her travel stories on different blogs. Presently she working on behalf of Sri Lanka visa which provides a visa assistance to visit Sri Lanka. She has 4 years of writing experience as a fee lancer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bad Credit will not Stand in the Way of Getting a Loan!

Almost all the people would like to obtain a loan. It may be for a house mortgage or buying a latest model car, or anything else. There is an assumption that one cannot get a loan if he has a bad credit. Nothing can be far from truth! It is agreed that getting a loan, with bad credit, may pose a few problems; but it cannot be said that possibilities of getting a loan with bad credit are completely ruled out. If you indulge in self-retrospection, you will realize the causes which led to your having bad credit. When you go in for a loan, you should be prepared to explain this, in clear terms, to the lender.

When you contact the prospective realistic loans lender, apart from giving a complete picture of your present financial status and affordability, you should make it a point to mention specifically that your credit was otherwise good. Not all lenders are alike in their approach. There are a few who are practical and lenient towards such borrowers; they may be inclined to favor you with a loan. While accepting the loan, knowing your affordability, you should take a loan only for the amount that is actually needed. You have to keep a note of the interest rate, which will be higher compared to loans with normal credit. Since the loan offers differ from one lender to another, you can gather complete details of loan offers of various lenders, for the purpose of taking a decision in the matter. 

There are some lenders who are known as ‘predatory lenders.’ They charge rather highly prohibitive rates of interest. They have certain provisions, to safeguard their interest, in the event of any default by the borrower. Though these provisions may seem unreasonable, you cannot complain. You have to only at a distance from such lenders. After analyzing the details connected with the loan offers from different lenders, you can come to a conclusion as to which offer is reasonable and acceptable to you. Please ensure that there are no hidden clauses in the offer. All said, it is better you go through every detail mentioned in the offer minutely before signing the application for loan. 

You have bad credit; banks are not favorably disposed towards your loan application. Still, you need not worry. The world is not lost! The world is big and there are other sources from where you may be able to get a loan, even with bad credit. There is one good option, i.e. an online loan. It is quite easy to have access to many of the online lenders. Processing is done quickly and without any hassle. The online lenders would only need complete details relating to you. There will be form available online and if you just fill it up, giving all the details as required, and submit it online, that is enough. The lenders will process your application immediately and approve the loan in no time. 

Though a few lenders ask for collateral, others give loans without collateral. They may charge slightly higher rate of interest and there may also be some fees payable by the borrower. It is for you to distinguish between a reasonable and an unreasonable lender. Since the lenders, in general, make it a point to check the credit score of the borrower, you should take some efforts to keep the credit score at an acceptable level. You could make things easy by spotting lenders who are least bothered to check the credit score of the prospective borrowers and try to have negotiations with such lenders. Such lenders do mention in their offers that they are not interested in having any check of credit scores. After selecting one such lender and after satisfying yourself with all other terms and conditions, you can obtain the loan, without any fear or worry.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How To Stop Eviction Process Stopping Repossession

Eviction process in the UK can be frustrating and it can lead to emotional exhaustion. Any individual who has received eviction notice from the court can have number of question about the eviction process and the factors involved. You may as well worry about the mortgage and the involvement of bailiffs. To get all your questions answered, Visit At :

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Simple Ways to get your Auto Finance

In the event that you are searching for another or utilized auto yet don't have the money to pay for one, you will need to secure an auto credit to back your buy. Looking for an approach to back your auto advance is just about as entangled as picking the right auto, so it is paramount that you shore up your credit and do some autos advance research before hitting any parcels. Additionally, if you have harmed your credit or you have a poor credit, you may be demoralized about your prospects for getting sanction for an auto advance. Don't lose hope. Rather, consider requesting a terrible credit auto advance. With perseverance, you'll discover a few moneylenders that will approach and offer a utilized auto advance. Here are simple things that you can improve to your possibilities of getting endorsed for an awful credit utilized auto advance: 

Auto Finance

Investigate online banks with best premium rates

Have various sub-prime loan specialists in their immense system, and a large number of those sub-prime moneylenders will endorse advances where others banks normally wouldn't. Too, you can hunt down better investment rates moderately simple on line. In the event that you have truly awful credit, give online moneylenders a shot.

Create or re-make your record of loan repayment clear

With a specific end goal to get affirmed for a utilized auto credit, you'll have to have the capacity to demonstrate some level of record of loan repayment. A robust record of loan repayment basically guarantees the moneylender that you'll be slanted to pay your credit off. Banks need to get a thought of your credit propensities.

Seek ensured firms that offer minimal interest charges

Despite the fact that as far as possible on the card is equivalent to your prepaid store, ensured Visas are a simple approach to reconstruct your financial record that can help you in acquiring a financial loan. You need to make your month to month least Visa instalments loyally. In a matter of short months, you'll be headed for repairing your FICO rating.

At the point when looking for an awful credit utilized auto, don't point excessively high.

Make a point to stay grounded, and remind you that the genuine destination with this advance is to re-secure your credit standing. In the event that fundamental, be eager to settle for the Camry rather than the Jaguar.

On your vehicle credit, search for the least conceivable investment rates

Be steady here, since as a general rule, it’s the investment that makes or break the credit duty. Be arranged to acknowledge a higher investment rate on your auto credit. On the off chance that you have especially terrible credit, or no financial record, your advantage rate will be higher than it would be whether you had great credit. Realize that online loan specialists by and large offer investment rates to those with terrible credit or poor credit that is normally lower than that offered via auto dealerships and there in house financing offices.

Think about getting as a co-endorser to consent to the credit arrangement

This may bring down your advantage rate. Recollect that, it isn’t over 'til the fat woman sings. In the event that you've as of now been sanction for an auto advance, and you find that the enthusiasm on the credit isn't sensible, a terrible credit refinance credit might be your ideal result. A refinance advance can lessen your advantage rates and your regularly scheduled installments notwithstanding enhancing your financial assessment on the off chance that you bring it to term.

Book driving test

There are several simple ways to get your auto finance in case you don’t have cash. You only need to know the right financial firm that will offer the best interest rates. On the other hand, it is good to book driving test before buying your car to ensure that you can drive and that you have the required experience. However, use the right channel to get your car finance.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Death & Taxes – Are You Financially Ready To Die?

Daniel Defoe once famously said “Things as certain as Death and Taxes, can be more firmly believ’d” and while both are certain, we never consider the taxation surrounding death. Almost two thirds of adults in Britain have not written a will, and a quarter of us have never even thought about drafting one. Of those that have actually had a will written, one in ten has told nobody where it is.

This infographic explores the legal and financial side to death, explaining how to get your affairs in order, how best to plan for your funeral, and highlights interesting facts and figures surrounding the financial side of dying in the UK.

Monday, September 15, 2014

IlonaKorstin – the new face of InstaMarkets

InstaMarkets builds its policy on such principles as competitive spirits, never-ending aspiration to achieve superb results, and zest for new victories. That is why IlonaKorstin, the internationally recognized basketball star, agreed to be the face of InstaMarkets during 2011-2012. Her list of achievements comprises a large number of resounding victories, champion titles, and awards.

Three-time European champion, the World Cup winner, three-time European League champion, three-time Russian champion, four-time Russian Cup winner, two-time France champion, three-time World League champion, bronze medalist of the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, honored master of sports – this is just some of Ilona’s victories.  
However, in addition to the sport-spirited personality, Ilona has eye-catching appearance. This made her the face of the woman’s basketball according to FIBA.  

So, it is especially pleasant that the life motto and priorities of themultiple European champion and prize winner of World championships coincides with the policy of InstaMarkets.

The dedication to achieve high results, strong willpower, and determination are the most important traits of Ilona’s personality which help her secure a well-deserved victory.
InstaMarkets acts exactly the same way running the robust financial activities, developing and perfecting its services and products. The top priority for InstaMarkets is to create the utmost convenient work conditions for all its clients regardless of their capital size.
The winner mood is one more particular Ilona’s trait. Like in sports, everyone needs confidence and should be ready to behave firmly and persistently on the forex market if a situation requires. The fortune will obviously smile on you in this case.

An athlete’s career cannot last indefinitely. In this connection, Ilona has reiterated that trading on the forex market is equally attractive for her. Charming and graceful Ilona is keen to conquer new peaks of the sports Olympus just like InstaMarkets is eager to reach new heights of Forex trading. Similar to sports, operating on Forex involves certain risks.

However, the right assessment of a situation and sensible steps may bring you to great results. In basketball, a committed team is the key to success. Likewise, InstaMarkets is eager to be a solid team for all its clients ready to back anyone in a most difficult situation.   
The will to be number one is a driving force which enables Ilona to set new targets and succeed. In a similar fashion, InstaMarkets is not going to rest on its laurels. The company’s goal is to be the best among the best.

InstaMarkets always welcomes any bright beginnings. So, the company wishes both IlonaKorstin and all its clients good luck, success, and new stunning victories.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pay Off Your Loans for Car Title with Quicker Strategies

Getting loans for car title can be quick and easy. While banks may require you to go through a lengthy process, obtaining a car title loan can get you fast cash in hand. This type of loan makes it easy for people who are already in debt. Car title loan companies do not need to check a borrower’s credit history to lend out money. All they require you to do is to put your car under a lien. 

Once the company determines the value (which should be a little bit more worthy than the amount you are asking for) of your car, you are given access to the loan within twenty-four hours. You get to keep your car to yourself and use it. However, making an early repayment can help you to focus on other goals. 

A Quicker Way to Repay My Loan

The only way, to free you from it is by making quicker repayments. If you are already underwater, by doing this you can improve your credit score and your overall financial history. The additional benefits for freeing up your loan are- you get to concentrate on other goals like saving money for your kid’s education or buying a new home. Hence, getting your loan paid down through some simple and clever strategies can get you off your loans for car title faster.
  • Pay One Extra a Year
One of the best ways is to make an extra payment per year. Making one extra payment may seem overwhelming. So, consider spreading out the extra payment over one year’s time. If your auto payment per month is $300 per month, then divide the amount with 12. You will get $25. Add this $25 to the $300 you pay every month. It will be $325. If you follow this method, you will notice making one full extra payment throughout the entire year. 

This saves you from feeling the pinch of making an extra payment. So make headway on the principle. You will be able to save some Dollars when it comes to interest payment.
  • Repay For Every Two Weeks
You could also pay off your debt by making ‘bi-weekly’ repayments. If you have to make a payment of $300 per month, then try paying $150 for every two weeks. You will gain extra payments for months having five weeks. This will enable you to make one and one half payments. Notice your loan balance going down while your credit score going up.
  • Round Up Your Figures
Try to make your payments in round figures. Suppose, if your payment per month is $367.22, then round it to $400. You will find up that after twelve months, you are able to add up an extra of $393.36. It’s plain maths:
$400 - $367.22 = 32.78X12 (mths) = $393.36
By following this calculation, you can progress with slow and easy steps to becoming free of your car title loan debts.
  • How About Refinancing Your Loan?
Most local bank communities and credit companies offer low interest rates. Shop around, at some of these places to verify if you can refinance the car loan to a much better interest rate. This can be one of the quickest ways by which you could lower your payment and simultaneously save money on the interest. 

A savings of more than 1% is worth any closing cost and additional fees. Knock out your car title loan faster, while you keep paying the same amount.
  • J. Money’s ‘Gigs and Goals’ Strategy
The ‘Gigs for goals’ strategy was invented by J. Money. He runs a blog on budgets. According to his theory, you could quickly repay your loans by raising funds through extra work and projects. Get hold of a weekend job or some freelance work. The income, which you will earn, could be used for paying off your car title debts. 

While these are some of the simple and easy ways to clear off your debts fast, not all loans for car title could be paid off easily. Make sure you are not breaching the rule of your company by making faster repayments. Some ethical companies do not penalize the borrower for making fast payments.

Stay Ahead Of Your Deadline

Always try to stay ahead of loan repayment deadline. This will help you to build up a good reputation for yourself and provide an opportunity to opt for another loan in future when needed. 

Author Bio: Cayla Silverstone writes for reputed financial blogging sites that publishes trustworthy articles related to loans of car title industries. In this article she is discussing about some quicker strategies to pay off your loans for car title

Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Clear Your Debts With Auto Title Loans

Every borrower looks for a credit score hike while borrowing loans. The fun side of borrowing an auto title loan is that, the borrower gains a win-win situation. While the lending company does not consider the borrower’s credit score when lending the money, the borrower can utilize this opportunity to raise his/her credit score.

Clear Your Debts With Auto Title Loans

A Credit Score

In a general sense, a credit score is basically a three digit number, generated from a mathematical algorithm and calculated based on your credit history. The main purpose of a credit score is that it is used to predict risk. The risk of a sense of irresponsibility arising from your part during repayment.

So, the better the score, the better will be your credit limit. Probably you must be knowing that anything lower than a score of 550 will get you to the rejection list. You will be permanently rejected when you are seeking to qualify for any type of financial or credit loan. Credit scores are time taking to score. However, an auto title loan will help you to solve the problem and pay off your debts.

Solving With Auto Title Loan

Firstly, when saying that an auto title lending company does not look at your credit score. It means that they look at your car’s value.The value of your car determines the amount that they are going to lend to you. Your car becomes an asset that puts you through in the direction of the credit line. This is a great way to borrow credit in case if you are facing bankruptcy. The company does not consider your credit history to see whether you are eligible or not.

Your Asset

Using your car as a lien against your loan means that if you are unable to repay the amount borrowed, then the company takes away your car as a repayment. What is great in case of this is that, you get good options to repay your loans. Your monthly income will be your base on which your repayment option will be made.

Credit Your Limit

When you take out a title loan, you will expect two things –
  1. Low Monthly Payment, and
  2. Low Rate of Interest.
You can easily pay off those debts which are of high interest rates. By this you can easily do away with your credit rates. That is, by refinancing your credit limit with a title loan.
So if you are looking for a way to obtain a high credit score, then auto title loan is a great step to go ahead. It makes things hassle free especially if you have a large amount of debt that needs to be partly cleared off. It is very simple. Just walk up to any local auto title lending company or simply give them a call to apply for. It will hardly take you twenty minutes to get your loan.

Credit Points To Consider

However before consider going ahead for the loan, it is always advisable to consider the legal terms and conditions that you are committing to.
  • Always check how the interest rate is being calculated. You should also check the time period during which the rate of interest is considered. Suppose if you are told by the company that you will be charged an interest of 3%, at first it might seem okay to you. However, once you start reading their paper work, you will find a different meaning altogether. You might find that an interest of 3% per month will annually turn up to be 36% per year.
  • Keep in mind that auto title lending companies belong to a category different from credit card companies or banks. Hence, you will be subject to an interest of higher rates.
  • Make sure you have got all your doubts cleared before signing on the consent paper. Ask specifically about the additional penalties for late payment.
The potential risk here is losing your car to them. Concluding that your credit limits were the least to worry about. Remember these factors and enjoy clearing your debts.

Author Bio: Cayla Silverstone is as a Financial Analyst by profession. She lives in the United States and had worked with some of the leading auto title loan lending companies. She is also very passionate about cars and in her free time she enjoys giving advice to people regarding auto title loan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Insurance Claim Agents: What is Their Job?

If you start legal action under your own auto accident, with or without motorist insurance, you do not discuss the terms of compensation with your own insurance broker. The thing an agent can think is forward your case to the official claims department - and at that time it is entirely out of the agent’s influences. You will then achieve a goal of injury compensation with a claims agent who will be working on behalf of the company, not you. 

Insurance Claim

How Claims Agent Deal Claims

The job function of insurance claims agent is evaluated not just by how much money insurance firm use in claim settling but by how fast they clear up claims as well. A good number of clam agents deal about 50 to 100 fresh claims every month. They need to resolve that a lot claims - named as “reconciling” or “closing” a case - every month only to be smooth. Their job is also ranked on how a lot cases they can handlein person without being involving any supervisor or insurance firm lawyer. Just the once a claim agent gets to know that you realize the level of how big your claim has worth, the claim agent will not in general deliberately delay your claim.

All the way through negotiation process, you will realize that how much you know about your claim. With the exception of such insurance broker assigned to the big cases, insurance claims agents are not trained legally or medically. And nearly everyone has not the time and the funds as well to examine or research your claim paying more attention.

The outcome in that moment, an claim agent will have more information’s than you on the claims dealing job on the whole, he or she will has not so much information’s about your particular case almost as well as you have. You were present at place of the accident. You recognize your physical and emotional injuries, how serious they are and where they affect, and how much time they can take to recover. You have spent much time to Know and comprehend the nature how the accident took place and to express in images and health care records and further documents what your losses were. The insurance claim agent, as an alternative, has just a small number of minutes a week to observe your case. So long as you are prepared and realize the procedure, you are the person having more negotiating benefits.

The claim agent has the influence to arrive at a conclusion with you on the phone call for what the last compensation amount should be. As soon as you and the claim agent reach a decision on an amount, the claim agent simply hands over you the papers to wrap up the settlement. But claim agent’ influence to resolve claims on their own are limited to some dollar limits. The limitations rely on how much expertise the clam agent has. For less skillful claim agents, it is $5,000 to $10,000. For more skillful claim agents, it is $10,000 to $20,000.

Carol Smith is working with the team of personal injury solicitors Preston and has been a trade union member for many years. She has worked on farms, on building sites and in a huge range of different workplaces, but has managed to avoid suffering any serious injuries. She lives in Preston.