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Monday, September 15, 2014

IlonaKorstin – the new face of InstaMarkets

InstaMarkets builds its policy on such principles as competitive spirits, never-ending aspiration to achieve superb results, and zest for new victories. That is why IlonaKorstin, the internationally recognized basketball star, agreed to be the face of InstaMarkets during 2011-2012. Her list of achievements comprises a large number of resounding victories, champion titles, and awards.

Three-time European champion, the World Cup winner, three-time European League champion, three-time Russian champion, four-time Russian Cup winner, two-time France champion, three-time World League champion, bronze medalist of the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, honored master of sports – this is just some of Ilona’s victories.  
However, in addition to the sport-spirited personality, Ilona has eye-catching appearance. This made her the face of the woman’s basketball according to FIBA.  

So, it is especially pleasant that the life motto and priorities of themultiple European champion and prize winner of World championships coincides with the policy of InstaMarkets.

The dedication to achieve high results, strong willpower, and determination are the most important traits of Ilona’s personality which help her secure a well-deserved victory.
InstaMarkets acts exactly the same way running the robust financial activities, developing and perfecting its services and products. The top priority for InstaMarkets is to create the utmost convenient work conditions for all its clients regardless of their capital size.
The winner mood is one more particular Ilona’s trait. Like in sports, everyone needs confidence and should be ready to behave firmly and persistently on the forex market if a situation requires. The fortune will obviously smile on you in this case.

An athlete’s career cannot last indefinitely. In this connection, Ilona has reiterated that trading on the forex market is equally attractive for her. Charming and graceful Ilona is keen to conquer new peaks of the sports Olympus just like InstaMarkets is eager to reach new heights of Forex trading. Similar to sports, operating on Forex involves certain risks.

However, the right assessment of a situation and sensible steps may bring you to great results. In basketball, a committed team is the key to success. Likewise, InstaMarkets is eager to be a solid team for all its clients ready to back anyone in a most difficult situation.   
The will to be number one is a driving force which enables Ilona to set new targets and succeed. In a similar fashion, InstaMarkets is not going to rest on its laurels. The company’s goal is to be the best among the best.

InstaMarkets always welcomes any bright beginnings. So, the company wishes both IlonaKorstin and all its clients good luck, success, and new stunning victories.