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Equity Release Supermarket: Guidance and Advices

Equity Release Supermarket offer a very specific service, providing guidance and advice by comparing deals from across numerous schemes to help the customer find the ideal product for their needs.

Equity Release Supermarkets

A group of experienced advisors in the field of equity release founded an organisation with the aim of providing the best quality service to clients. Now trading since 2008 and combining experience gained working alongside major financial insurers and banking groups, Equity Release Supermarket has become one of the foremost leaders of the equity release advisory establishments in the United Kingdom. All information is tailored to the individual client’s needs and situation, helping those over 55 years old and interested in an equity release programmer to find the right solution which best suits their circumstances.

A valuable aspect of the service provided by the specialists with the Equity Release Supermarket is the fact they are able to offer face to face consultations, as they have advisors working from a wide range of local establishments across the country. For many older people, the concerns relating to performing business transactions involving their property by telephone or on the internet seem prohibitive, worries too substantial and limiting to the customer who does not feel confident enough to proceed. Face to face consultations offer added security for the older client; any aspect of the business which can make customers relax is definitely beneficial. Moreover, the service is protected by the Equity Release Council, formerly known as Safe Home Income Plans, guaranteeing that advice is accurate and impartial.

All fees payable to the Equity Release Supermarket are outlined upfront, with no hidden catches, and as part of their service are often able to negotiate discounts with lenders using their size and status as leverage. Although Equity Release Supermarket is itself a business venture which of course requires payment for its work, the team are flexible and understand that these policies must be cost effective for the end client. They believe that the transparency of their operation will help generate confidence and their reputation is valuable, something the practitioners would not jeopardise through unfair practices. The advisors are able to offer information on the entire range of schemes regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority, ultimately providing a high quality service to all individuals considering entering into an equity release arrangement. The overall aim is to provide flexible and accurate information, tailored to the needs of every unique customer.

Selling Online: Choose the Best Payment System to Ensure Your Success

Selling products online, whether they may be digital or physical in nature, is one of the most lucrative and profitable business ventures anyone can ever have. However, setting up a successful online business involves more than just putting up a website, using it as an attractive virtual storefront and offering the best deals in town. You may not yet be aware of it yet but choosing the best online payment system also plays a vital role in making your business a success.

Online Payment

So, how do you choose a payment system that can give your customers what they want? Here are some things you may want to consider when choosing an online payment processor that will work best for your customers and your business.
  • Ease of use. Don't give your potential customers a hard time in purchasing your products or you risk losing them during the checkout process. According to the data collected by comScore, a large percentage (about 70%) of consumers abandoned their orders in 2011 as a result of a highly complicated checkout process. In the same manner, your chosen system should be easy enough to navigate and understand so you can log in to the system and analyze your data without a hitch.
  • Flexibility. Give your consumers the freedom of choosing how they want to pay for your products. The more choices they have, the better it would be for your bottom line. You should also consider if your chosen processor will fit into your larger marketing plan, especially if you plan on having affiliates to help you sell your products or if ever you decide to use a multi-step sales process in securing leads and sales in the near future.
  • Security. Due to the prevalence of online fraud, people want to make sure that they can pay for their purchases safely and securely. It should be completely PCI-compliant and should have highly advanced fraud protection services to protect your customers and your business against any criminal intent.
  • Fees. Since different online payment processors charge different fees, you need to do your own research to see which one offers the most affordable option. Choosing a payment processing service that does not charge any application and setup fees such as will also work to your advantage.
  • Support services. For best results, choose a payment processing company that offers 24/7 customer, POS and technical support. Believe me; you will definitely need all the help you can get if you want your business to run as smooth as possible.
Choosing the best payment system plays a very important role in determining the success or failure of your online business so you better take these things into consideration before you make your final choice.

Author Bio: Jean McDaniels has owned a quick mart for the past 7 years, but recently took a leap of faith with a food truck business of selling burritos. He has found success with using PayMeSecure’s wireless services to help with credit card processing for his business.

Increase Sales with Mobile Payment Options: How to Do It Right

Did you know that more than 81 million people all over the world used their mobile devices to pay for their purchases in 2009 and that it generated more than $69 billion in revenues during that particular year? If you find this surprising enough, wait until you read this – the number of mobile money users is expected to double by 2013 while the value of mobile transactions is projected to reach anywhere between $670 billion and $1 trillion by 2015.

Mobile Payment

Did these figures give you enough reason why you need to consider adopting the technology for your business? Well, hopefully, it did, for this may be all you need to take your business to the next level.

However, since not all mobile payment service providers are created equal, you need to carefully choose one that will satisfy all of your requirements. You need to choose a transaction processing company that charges reasonable fees, has advanced fraud protection services, and offers exemplary customer and technical support services. You should also make sure that your chosen option works seamlessly with your existing equipment, POS and back-office merchant accounting systems.

If you don't want to spend time doing any extensive research to find a credible payment processor that satisfies all of these criteria, consider doing business with PayMeSecure, one of the leading transaction processing companies that provide custom tailored solutions for small and medium businesses.

How to Increase Sales with Mobile Payment Options – Some Other Tips to Consider

After finding a service that can provide you with the most competitive mobile payment solution for your business, you need to know what you need to do to get great results from your efforts. Here are some suggestions that can help you achieve this goal:

Have an effective mobile marketing strategy in place. Create laser-targeted campaigns and consider offering location-based services, in-store promotions, mobile coupons and discounts.

Consider creating a mobile-optimized ecommerce site. Studies indicate that retailer apps with store mode create five times more user engagement (Point Inside, 2013). In addition, studies also indicate that:
  • 80% of all smartphone users prefer to get more product-optimized information while they are shopping in stores (Moosylvania, 2013)
  • 25% of consumers prefer to shop exclusively through their mobile device (Prosper Mobile Insights, 2012)
  • 47% of smartphone users rely heavily on their smartphones to find more information about a product while 36% use their mobile devices to read product reviews (Leo Shapiro and Associates, 2012)
Provide excellent service. Make sure you deliver the products in time, handle returns and provide exemplary customer and/or technical service to increase customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty.

Summing it up, you can say that using the most suitable mobile payment solution for your business can help you achieve your business goals, especially if you know how to do it right.

Author Bio: Jean McDaniels has owned a quick mart for the past 7 years, but recently took a leap of faith with a food truck business of selling burritos. He has found success with using PayMeSecure’s wireless services to help with credit card processing for his business.

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What Is The Role Of An Insolvency Practitioner

If you’re currently experiencing great financial strain and it doesn’t quite look like you’re going to be able to climb to the top of your debt mountain, claiming insolvency could be the route that you’re going to have to take.
Insolvency Practitioner

The word ‘insolvency’ may seem like a daunting one, but not one that you’ll have to face alone. Getting help and advice from qualified insolvency practitioners will put your mind at ease, take some of the stress off of your shoulders, and find the most practical solution for any struggling individual. Here’s an insight into the role they play and how they could benefit anyone battling to climb that mountain.

The Advisor

The first role that will be played is the advisor. This is going to be done at the beginning stages of claiming insolvency, so depending on where you’re at, you may not even need them to act in this role. If you do, they will assess your debt, listen to the issues that you’re facing, and then go over the possible solutions for you to take.

Some of the recommended approaches may be debt consolidation, re-mortgaging your house, debt management, or as a final resort, filing for bankruptcy.

The Nominee

You may have been advised that individual voluntary payment is the best route for you to take, the practitioner will then become the nominee, and will help you draft a proposal that will then be sent to your creditors.

He will need to obtain various information to do up this draft, and will then be able to give you the final figure that you owe. If you agree, he will send the proposal to your creditors along with a notice that informs them of the creditor’s meeting.

The Chairman

At this point, he then becomes the chairman at the creditors meeting and will negotiate with your creditors, trying to get them to accept your proposal. If they don’t take up the proposal, he moves back into the nominee role and tries to arrange for another until acceptance is granted.

The Supervisor

Finally, the last role the insolvency practitioner will play is the supervisor, in which he will be the link between you and your creditors while you pay off your debt. This role typically lasts longer – up to five years, so is the lengthier part of the process.

He will make all payments to the creditors for you and will also provide them with annual reports. This takes the burden off you, and makes the situation run as smoothly as possible.

If you have debt problems, the sooner you address them the better. It may seem easier to bury your head in the sand but the processes you may have to go through are definitely not a one-hat job. He or she will be with you throughout the entire process, making sure everything runs smoothly for you. Since you will be working with this person for an extended period of time, it is important that you meet with them ahead of time and choose your practitioner wisely so that you feel comfortable the full way through and can trust them with your personal financial issues.

Manage Your Cash Transactions: Steps to Keep Your Finances Up

Figures show that their is rise in inflation and there is no mark of reduction in near future. Due to economic crisis causing problems, SMEsbudgets are feeling strained so managing cash has become difficult. This makes managing cash transactions and the importance of managing cash flow very important.


The question is will these external factors be controlled, there are few steps of businesses to keep on top of their finances. Keeping that in mind these are some top five tips to manage and improve money flow. 
If youare new to the world of finance ,it can be strainous to navigate through this world, so lets take a look at some of the methods to improve your business cash flow.

1. Maintain contact with suppliers be in touch with them. Maintaining good relationship with suppliers is important and few suppliers may also offer discounts if you pay early that can save money. It is easy to get a short term credit loan extension if their are difficult times.

2. Make use of online accounting. The advantages of online accounting for the management of cash flow can not be ignored. Systems can be set in a way to send alerts when payments are due, send automated invoices and warns you if an invoice hasn't been raised. Some even enables performance checker of debtors.

3. Give it some time. The best way of maintaining cash flow is to spend some time on it everyday. This enables you to avoid any risk in missing deadlines or ignoring late payments. Online accounting can help you to access your your creditors. As well as keeping on top of your debtors, it's also coming up with a formal process for the inputting of financialworth spending some time reviewing your outgoing cash.

Maintaining good procedures initiating a formal process for the inputting of financial data such as invoices, payment dues dates and bills will reduce the chance of any simple mistakes such as losing or forgetting information.

5. Have a check on your creditors. Reviewing keeps you on top of debtors, is worth spending some quality time reviewing your cash going out. Seeing your creditor accounts and knowing when money is likely to be taken will give you that required knowledge to help you mainatin your own cash flow.
These are certain steps to keep your finances up and market initiation to help small time enterprises to grow.

Author Bio: John Hall partner at Empire commercial finance offering most competitive business mortgages London finance deals associated with UK's leading lenders specialist finace provider. Client's seek financiary advicefrom most dynamic professional commercial finance brokers London.

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A Glossary for Merchant Accounts: Some Confusing Terms

Let's face it. A lot of people usually get mixed up when using terms associated with credit card processing. There are still a good number of merchants who do not understand some of the terms used in the industry. To prevent confusion, here are some commonly misunderstood terms that every merchant needs to know.

Merchant Account

Acquirer or acquiring bank – refers to the financial institution that processes the merchant's transactions.

Address verification service – a tool used by merchants to reduce risks associated with card not present (CNP) transactions. It allows the merchant to compare the billing address provided by the customer with the information on file.

Authorization – the process by which the issuing bank approves the transaction. Authorization requests are automatically processed after the card is swiped (for card present settings) or after the details of the transaction are keyed into an online form (for CNP transactions).

Chargeback – the forcible return of funds to the cardholder when the customer disputes the credit card transaction. In such cases, the disputed amount is immediately debited from the merchant's bank account and the merchant is given up to 10 days to dispute the chargeback.

Code 10 call – a call made by the merchant to the acquirer's authorization center during card-present transactions to verify the validity of the card and/or the identity of the cardholder without alerting the customer.

Code 10 calls are often made when the POS terminal indicates that the card is either lost or stolen, the card's security features seem to be altered or tampered or the signature on the transaction receipt does not match the signature on the back of the card. Code 10 calls are also made when there is reason to believe that the customer is behaving in an unusual manner.

Holdback – a portion of the merchant's revenue which is usually held in reserve by the merchant account provider to cover possible disputed charges, chargebacks and other unexpected expenses. This reserve is returned to the merchant after a predetermined amount of time.

Pick-up response – a response to a card-present authorization request whereby the merchant is instructed to cancel the transaction and recover the card

Retrieval or copy request – a request made by the issuer to the acquirer for a copy of the sales receipt in cases of transaction disputes. This can be fulfilled by either the acquirer or the merchant itself.

With these confusing terms out of the way, you should really start considering the idea of accepting credit card and other forms of non-cash transactions. For all you know, giving your customers the power to choose how they want to pay for their purchases can be the key to your success.

Now, when you finally make your decision, make sure you choose a credible payment processing service such as PayMeSecure to avoid any problems. It can be one of the best business decisions you will ever make!

Author Bio: Jean McDaniels has owned a quick mart for the past 7 years, but recently took a leap of faith with a food truck business of selling burritos. He has found success with using PayMeSecure’s wireless services to help with credit card processing for his business.

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Good Accounting Practices For Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. In addition to getting a business off the ground, managing new employees, and planning for the future, they need to keep meticulous records. It may be tempting to cut back on third party services, but your financial operations are an area you should pay particular attention to. Small errors in bookkeeping or your tax return can cost you more than you save by not hiring a professional accountant. There are several practices you can implement to avoid high government fees and lower your chances of being audited.

Small Business

Begin by documenting everything. Pay careful attention to your expenses, particularly if you use personal funds to purchase company property. Keep a detailed file of receipts, and make a note of their purpose. For example, if you pay for lunch with a client, take down names and a brief description of what you discussed. Not tracking expenditures can cause you to miss out on deductions at the end of the year.

Second, consider hiring a licensed CPA to assist with your tax planning. You should structure your business carefully to take advantage of exemptions. There are many tax laws that are tailored to help small businesses. Coming up with a detailed tax plan can help minimize what you owe in the spring, and also increase your capital for the next years’ operating budget. Paying attention to these kinds of details is what sets a small business apart, and can be a key to your success. Working with a professional financial advisor is almost always worth the fees he or she charges. Tax laws are complex and are constantly changing, so having a consultant on hand with expertise in this field is invaluable.

Your accountant should know all of the major details of your business in order to advise you. He or she may ask you about business loans, property acquisitions, expenses, internal processes, organization, and even about your personal finances. If you don’t have an advisor on your staff, meet with your consultant on a regular basis. Quarterly assessments can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Face-to-face meetings can also keep the details of your organization fresh in your financial planner’s mind.

The information your financial consultant provides can be useful in your business planning. Seeing concrete numbers detailing profits and losses will help you make better decisions as a manager. Your CPA can also help you establish a realistic budget and set benchmarks to keep your company on track. Finally, if you have questions about accounts, leasing property, reporting income, or other financial matters, having a professional on hand to analyze the potential benefits and risks is important.

If you are concerned about affording a professional accounting firm, there are a few things you can do to get good help at a manageable price. Keep all of your receipts and paperwork carefully organized in an easy-to-understand system. If the firm you are working with uses an electronic system, scan your own records ahead of time. You should also discuss fees beforehand, so you have a good understanding of what to expect.

About the Author: Lanny Weisman, CPA, has been in the business of tax preparation for more than three decades. He provides services to clients in the Smithtown area. To contact Lanny visit

Providence Rhode Island Cash Advance - Apply and Get Loan Immediately

Paperless cash advance financial loans are loans intended to help people during their economic problems. Now it is necessary to tell you that what type of economic problems are we discussing about? The problems can be in the form of an unexpected immediate economical responsibility that needs immediate attention.

Cash Advance

But you might think that you will never face such problems in your life anytime. Therefore, I want to tell you that, it is not true at all, because future is always unclear and know body can predict anything what is going to happen in future. You cannot estimate the good or bad things that might happen in the coming time. What we know is that essentially no one is safe from economic problems. Hence let us discuss in details about paperless cash advance financial loans and its types.

First of all I want to tell you that paperless loans are also known as Payday Loans Online, or online payday loans. When you fill loan application form online by the help of website then your loan get approved without any paper this is the reason online loans are known as payday loans. Now come to the main point. Payday loans are short term loans offered for two or three weeks to those people who are in big financial crisis.

I want to tell you one thing more which is every payday loans have its own terms and conditions. One thing is also important to know that every state in United States of America has its own rule and regulation on Payday loans. Therefore, if you are living in Providence Rhode Island then the interest loan on these loans will differ from other states and city.

The good news is that Providence Rhode Island Cash Advance lending companies offers loans at low interest rate this is the main reason the demand of payday loans in this city is increasing day by day.

For the suitability of the loan borrower there are many types of pay day loan available in the market such as Instant pay day loan, payday cash advances, Paperless pay day loan,, No credit check pay day loan , and Military pay day loan payday. These are the some broad categories. If you are in Providence Rhode Island then you can apply for these all loans according to your requirement.

Author Bio: Amit Aadarsh is a professional financial expert and consultant. He writes for and is available on G+.

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How to Finance A Remodel Along with Your Home Purchase

It can be difficult if not impossible to find a home on the market that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. While you are on your house hunt, you may find yourself saying things like, “if only this kitchen were newer” or “I wish the master bedroom were bigger”. This is a common response, especially when you are making the biggest investment in your life, but the likelihood that you will find the perfect home is slim. This is where remodeling comes in as an excellent option and there are couple different ways you can go about financing the additional work.

Home Purchase

Finance it into Your Mortgage

An FHA 203(k) home loan is a great option for buyers looking to purchase a fixer-upper. This loan allows you to purchase a home that requires minor updates or remodels and roll the expense directly into your loan. The loan amount is based on the home value after the improvements are made and will cover materials and labor plus an additional 10-20% for unexpected expenses.

This is a great option for first-time homebuyers looking for an affordable home in their price range, requiring just 3.5% as a down payment. This loan will cover repairs, minor kitchen and bath remodels, flooring, energy improvements, decks, patios and even new appliances. However, if you are looking to do a major overhaul that will take in excess of six months to complete, this is not the loan for you.

The expense of the renovations may not exceed $25,000, but the qualifications for a FHA 203(k) are identical to what is required to be approved for a standard FHA home loan. The difference comes in with the paperwork, as you will be required to submit a detailed list of repairs and cost estimates with your application.

Take out a Construction Loan

If you are planning to make major changes to the home or if you are planning to build a home on property you purchased, you will need a construction loan to make that happen. These loans are typically interim or short-term loans set aside in a special account for the borrower. Unlike conventional loans, the interest payments will vary month-to-month depending on how much funds are dispersed each month to cover the construction costs.

Typically with loans like this, once construction is complete, the borrower has twelve months to pay back the loan and you will need to obtain more permanent financing. If you have made smart upgrades to your home, it should be worth more now than it was when you originally purchased and you will be able to refinance your mortgage at the new appraised value to get the loan rolled into your current mortgage.

The bottom line is that you do not have to feel stuck with options on the market. You have a variety of loan options at your disposal that can make remodeling your new home into your dream home a reality! 

Content provided by Gwynne Ohm at First Option Mortgage

First Option Mortgage was founded in 2004 in Atlanta Georgia and has since grown to over 200 employees with branch locations across the United States. Their Oregon branch, located in Lake Oswego, offers mortgage and refinancing solutions for Oregionians across the state. With over 97% customer satisfaction and a strong commitment to the communities that First Option Mortgage serves in, we take pride in providing a better life through financial savings and stability.

Prepare Yourself for A Budget-Friendly Conveyancing

Each of the events played during a conveyancing process has its own importance and if you do not know how to do it properly, you might end up paying a huge amount of money. Therefore, it is very important that you know how the process works starting from the contract signing to exchanging the contracts, so that you can approach it systematically to reduce the expenses.


Contract signing

After the completion of all the investigations, you will get an appointment later by the conveyancers. You then, need to come and sign the Contract and get over the Mortgage issues properly. All the details you need will be discussed properly before you proceed to sign the final papers. You can go for clearing any doubts you have. Even, this is the stage when you need to pay the deposits. So, it is better you know all the details of the financial issues before proceeding further.

Exchanging the contracts

Once all your queries get resolved and you become satisfied, you need to know whether the seller is ready or not. If he agrees too, then fixing a date of completion is important. On that day, the contracts will be exchanged between both of you.

This is kind of a final stage when your transaction gets legal acceptance. This date of completion is also inserted in the contract and this becomes the binding date. This binding date indicates that the property now belongs to you legally.

The faster you get the contracts in your hands; you should make sure that the property gets covered by the Buildings and Life Insurance coverage. This makes your property secured and safe in your hands.
Even, life insurance policies get reassigned. Either you become the in charge of it or the new bank or money provider by depending upon your requirements. If there is still some balance remained that needs to be paid, then it is forwarded to you on the day of completion on a normal basis.

With the information written upwards, you would have understood that all these are not surely your cup of tea, if you do not belong to the field of law. Therefore, hiring a conveyancer is a must, who does not only help you with the above mentioned, but makes you get over the transfer of equity quote, remortgaging conveyancing and other such complicated issues related to the process. So, do not wait anymore, rather go for hiring such expert solicitor now.