Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Equity Release Supermarket: Guidance and Advices

Equity Release Supermarket offer a very specific service, providing guidance and advice by comparing deals from across numerous schemes to help the customer find the ideal product for their needs.

Equity Release Supermarkets

A group of experienced advisors in the field of equity release founded an organisation with the aim of providing the best quality service to clients. Now trading since 2008 and combining experience gained working alongside major financial insurers and banking groups, Equity Release Supermarket has become one of the foremost leaders of the equity release advisory establishments in the United Kingdom. All information is tailored to the individual client’s needs and situation, helping those over 55 years old and interested in an equity release programmer to find the right solution which best suits their circumstances.

A valuable aspect of the service provided by the specialists with the Equity Release Supermarket is the fact they are able to offer face to face consultations, as they have advisors working from a wide range of local establishments across the country. For many older people, the concerns relating to performing business transactions involving their property by telephone or on the internet seem prohibitive, worries too substantial and limiting to the customer who does not feel confident enough to proceed. Face to face consultations offer added security for the older client; any aspect of the business which can make customers relax is definitely beneficial. Moreover, the service is protected by the Equity Release Council, formerly known as Safe Home Income Plans, guaranteeing that advice is accurate and impartial.

All fees payable to the Equity Release Supermarket are outlined upfront, with no hidden catches, and as part of their service are often able to negotiate discounts with lenders using their size and status as leverage. Although Equity Release Supermarket is itself a business venture which of course requires payment for its work, the team are flexible and understand that these policies must be cost effective for the end client. They believe that the transparency of their operation will help generate confidence and their reputation is valuable, something the practitioners would not jeopardise through unfair practices. The advisors are able to offer information on the entire range of schemes regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority, ultimately providing a high quality service to all individuals considering entering into an equity release arrangement. The overall aim is to provide flexible and accurate information, tailored to the needs of every unique customer.


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