Friday, May 3, 2013

Equity Release Can Help You Release Tax-Free Cash

Equity release can help you release tax-free cash from your property for you to spend as you wish, with typically no monthly repayments to make, and also equity release is available to homeowners who are aged 55 or over.
Equity Release

Here are some ways of how equity release can assist you:

Home improvements

One of the main reasons to release equity among Age Partnership's clients is to create improvements to the home, such as building an extension, and conservatory, or having a new kitchen fitted. What this does is makes equity release predominantly appealing, as the money that you are spending is directly affecting the value of your property.

Clearing your mortgage

I’ve come to notice that for the majority of people, mortgage repayments stand for their most important monthly outgoing. Even if, like most people, your house is now worth much more than it was when you bought it, there's a chance that you are still making repayments every month. Visualize the type of result it would have on your disposable income if these payments were no more. Many people are now choosing to release equity from the property to make this so, clearing their mortgage and benefiting from additional disposable income each month.

Financial peace of mind

Releasing equity in your property can help you to achieve financial security and peace of mind during your retirement years. These years are supposed to be a time of enjoyment; a time to do all those things for which you were unable to find the time whilst you were working to pay the bills or raising the family. But for all too many people, the pensions into which they've paid throughout their adult lives are not sufficient to allow for many luxuries. That's where equity release could help.

Mitigating inheritance tax

Over recent year’s house prices have elevated quite rapidly, increasingly people are now finding that their estates will fall within the grasp of the Government's treasury department when they sooner or later pass away. In actual fact, any person who passes away leaving an estate worth in excess of £285,000 will be subject to inheritance tax.

Helping family members

You should know that as much as you might think retirement years are stress free and relaxing they’re not at all, with inadequate pensions and the effortlessness with which we can get hold of credit, too much people waste their retirement distressing about how to pay off bills or loans from a limited income. For a lot of these individuals, equity release may well be the answer. There’s no reason why you have to have to scrape around, paying off one debt with another, when the regular proprietor is now in ownership of a home worth in excess of £150,349?

There are many companies that let you compare different types of equity release so that you can gain fuller understanding of each product before you commit. Thank you for using your time to read the article it means a lot.


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